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     Sedation Dentistry also known as Dental Conscious Sedation, Twilight Sleep, IV Sedation, Sleep Dentistry and a host of other names pertaining to an altered state of consciousness. Sedation Dentistry is safe, effective and can only be performed by Dentists in the State of Connecticut who have received special training in conscious sedation or anesthesiology. The State of Connecticut grants a Dental Conscious Sedation Permit to qualified dentists who have completed the training. Dr. Robert Harris of Bright Smile America Dental, was first granted a conscious sedation permit by the State of Connecticut in 1998 and is well skilled in Sedation Dentistry
      Sedation Dentistry is administered Intravenously (IV, injected into a vein), Intramuscularly (IM, injected into a muscle) and to a lesser extent, by pill or syrup. Intravenous is the safest, quickest and most profound route of sedation and for that reason, the dentist has considerable control over the administration of the medicine. The medicine is "dripped " little by little into the patient's vein (usually a vein in the arm) until the patient feels "drowsy" or "sleepy". This process takes a few minutes, and then the patient is ready for dental treatment. After the procedure is completed the patient has no memory of what transpired during the dental procedure, hence the term Sedation Dentistry or Sleep Dentistry.
      Sedation Dentistry is perfect for those people who
         1. Have taken Nitrous Oxide ("Laughing Gas") and continue to experience severe
             anxiety, discomfort, and pain.
         2. People who fear Dentists and Dental offices to the point where they
             refuse to seek dental treatment.
         3. People who only seek dental treatment when they have severe pain.
         4. A person who needs a long and/or difficult dental procedure(s) and doesn't
             want to be "awake" or know what is happening during the procedure(s).
         5. A person who does not want to hear the sound of the drill or other typical "dental office sounds".
      If any of the above circustances describe You, Call Bright Smile America Dental Center now at (860) 242-5005!!